(Build Your Own Bundle)

Introducing the new way to bundle


10 lbs. Roast




6 Steaks

8 oz. Filet/

12 oz. KC Strip/

12 oz. Ribeye/

15 lbs. Ground Beef



10 lbs. CHICKEN

 Breast Whole/                                     Whole Chicken/

     Butterflied Breast/                                             Wings/            

Fajita Sliced Breast/                                              Legs/         

Strips of Breasts/                                                Thighs/      


15 lbs. Fresh Pork

Boston Butt Roast/

Pork Steak/

Center Cut Chop/

Butterfly Chop/

Boneless Pocket Chop/

Tenderloin Cutlets/

Pork Burger/

Pork Loin/

5 lbs. Bacon

10 lbs. Specialty Pork

Original Brat/

Cheese Brat/

Bacon Cheddar Beer Brat/

Jalapeno Pineapple Brat/

Philly Cheese-steak Brat/

Mango Habanero Brat/

Italian Sausage Link/

Italian Sausage Bulk/

Breakfast Sausage/

Spicy Breakfast Sausage/

Smoky Maple Links/

Chorizo Sausage/

Polish Sausage/

Almost 70 POUNDS of MEAT...

A completely customizable bundle. A great option for getting all proteins.

Choose your beef, chicken, and pork cuts and how many lbs. you'd like of each!

If you choose to get Choice Angus Beef- total bundle is $349.99

Akaushi Prime beef- total bundle is $399.99

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